Barta Farm LLC

Steve Barta takes a look around his family’s dairy farm located near Two Creeks in northern Manitowoc County and takes pride in what they have been able to accomplish. “You have to be pretty self-motivated people to get everything done,” Steve said, “because no one is telling you what you have to do.” 

The farming tradition, that they have all grown up with, runs strong with the Barta family. The farm is now operating with its 6th generation, as Barta Farm LLC. Parents, Rick and Sue, have been joined by their sons, Steve, Jeff and Anthony as owners. The Bartas have a large family and a lot of them are involved in the farm. Steve mentioned that his retired uncles will always come out to help when field work needs to be done and even the little ones help around the farm with feeding calves and various tasks.

Agriculture is important because “people gotta eat,” Steve said. Farmers are producing food to feed the people. Making sure their cows are getting the best nutrition for quality in their production, is a vital part of the process. Feeding the cows is Steve’s favorite part of his job, so he is definitely paying attention to what they are consuming.

Willing to help out their communities, Steve, Rick and Jeff are all firefighters. Additionally, Steve is a First Responder, on Farm Bureau, a part of the FFA Alumni group and a Baseball Coach.

Thank you to Steve and his family for being our Farmer Friday. We wish the best to you, your family and to the future for Barta Farm, LLC.

Farmer #36. To show our appreciation to our producer members, Country Visions Cooperative will be giving a snapshot look of our customers and their operations in this feature each Friday