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A good start to any conversation is to talk about the weather. When you are talking to a farmer, that common conversation is viewed from a different perspective. Adam and Tammy Averbeck have a Custom Farming operation in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, where most everything they do revolves around the weather. The business includes Cash Grain, Custom Planting, Forage Harvesting, and Tilling. “We get quite a bit of respect for what we do; long days, long hours, and fighting the weather,” according to Adam. “I think a lot of people appreciate the work of a farmer, when you sit down and talk to them.”

Adam and Tammy are a part of 6 generations of a family that look at farming as pretty much the foundation of our country. “Everything kind of stems from it,” they said. “It has a good future and technology is bringing that along faster and making that more appealing to younger people.” The Averbecks have 3 children. I’m sure they wonder if their daughter, Sloan (11), and the boys, AJ (9) and Braden (7) will find a career in agriculture appealing. As parents, the examples they have been showing may be all the kids need to feed that farming passion. Adam grew up in a farming family and always loved running the equipment. Tammy would tag along back then, she liked the field work. Spreading fertilizer, driving tractor and wagon when they chop, and cutting hay are still some of Tammy’s favorite things to do on the farm. Adam enjoys the insight he gains from working with a lot of people through their business. They get to see the different processes and ideas that others use for their operations. Averbeck Custom Farming employs 4 full-time workers to help with their operation. Knowing that the weather could change things in a minute, they have the versatility to offer services from tilling to trucking or whatever they can offer that will help.

Adam is a member of the Eldorado Fire Department and Tammy is a Club Leader for the Hands of Friendship - 4H Club. Hobbies include showing some beef cattle at the county fair and deer and turkey hunting. They enjoy hanging out with family and the time to experience those treasurable moments while raising children.

Thank you to Adam and Tammy for sharing their story for our Farmer Friday post. We wish you much success, happiness and good weather for the future! 

Merry Christmas to all of you from Country Visions Cooperative!  
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