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As your propane supplier, the safety of you and your family is our top priority.  With the recent weather conditions we wanted to provide additional information you need to know about propane safety and how to keep your family safe during and after a flood.  This brochure provides important information about propane safety and FLOODS. 

Propane, when used properly, is a safe, clean burning, convenient and efficient energy. As with other fuel types (fuel oil, electricity, natural gas, wood), it is extremely important to respect, understand and know how to safely use your propane system.

We want you to be able to recognize the odor of propane and to know what to do if you suspect a problem. Propane Safety pamphlets with the "Sniff Test" circle are mailed to customers annually. Please read the safety brochure and share the information with your family.

If you would like a sniff test mailed to you, please fill out the form below: 

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