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Country Visions Precision Department can help you continue to make advanced and profitable decisions in the field. We have two teams to help service your needs; a Precision Planting team and a Tech team. Whatever your need is, we are happy to help!

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Leverage Tech at Harvest: Episode 102
Sep 13, 2019
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Crop Model Field Report: August

Crop Model Field Report: August

This summer, WinField United is testing and aggregating the in-season recommendations of the R7® Field Forecasting Tool across the country on what we’re calling Sentinel Plots...

Sep 04, 2019
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Amp Up Your Tech to Predict Corn Drydown

Amp Up Your Tech to Predict Corn Drydown

The need to monitor drydown trends in your cornfields comes at one of the busiest times of the season. Prioritizing sample collection and stand assessment in every field is difficult...

Sep 03, 2019

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