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Collect Hay Samples in 6 Easy Steps

Oct 02, 2019

It is important to take samples of your hay to ensure you know its true nutrient value. It is extremely difficult to know the quality of your hay by just looking at it. By having your hay analyzed you will have a better understanding of its quality, and this will allow you to work with a nutritionist to provide the lowest cost ration possible to meet the performance expectations of your livestock.

Ketosis and Pregnancy Toxemia in Goats

Oct 02, 2019

Pregnancy toxemia and ketosis in goats are potentially deadly diseases that occur during late gestation and early lactation. These diseases are often (though not exclusively) seen in dairy goats, especially in good milkers. The situation occurs either very near the end of pregnancy (pregnancy toxemia) or after birth, when the goat begins milking (ketosis).

Calf College

Sep 26, 2019

Historically, young dairy calves have been fed twice a day, often after the morning milking and before the evening milking. But now, research has shown several advantages to feeding milk replacers three times daily. When compared, calves fed a milk replacer three times daily, versus a control group fed the same milk replacer twice daily, were more feed efficient and showed improved average daily gain.

Game Bird Housing

Sep 19, 2019

A successful game bird program begins with proper housing that allows adequate space for birds to consume water and feed.  Before you bring home your first game bird, ensure your facility is properly set-up to meet the needs of a growing game bird. How much water space do game birds need?  Game birds need lots of water to grow fast and stay healthy. Clean, fresh water should be provided at all times.

Is a Bird Right For You? 6 Tips to Consider

Sep 19, 2019

“Exotic birds can be one of the most entertaining and rewarding pets to have as part of your feathered family,” says Dr. Troy Tollefson, Nutritionist, Research and Development at Mazuri®. Prior to joining the Mazuri® team, Tollefson worked as a nutritionist at Busch Gardens developing diets for everything from parrots and flamingos to pelicans and hawks.

Tips on Dog Park Etiquette

Sep 13, 2019

Dog parks continue to grow in popularity and are becoming more common in our communities. They provide an ideal place for dogs to exercise and socialize with other dogs. If you are fortunate to have a local dog park nearby, knowing and following some basic rules of dog park etiquette will provide the greatest opportunity for a safe and positive experience for you and your pet. 

Weaning Calves? Know Your Starter Feed Basics

Sep 10, 2019

The single most important job of a starter feed is to get calves to eat. When weaning calves, getting them eating from day one can help equip their immune systems to better deal with stress and improve their chance to stay healthy.

Show Cattle Supplements: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Sep 06, 2019

Whether you’re looking for growth, muscle, fill or bloom, show cattle supplements can take a project to the next level. Allowing enough time for show cattle supplements to work on the target areas of your animal is key to showring success. Every show cattle project should start with good feed and sound management. Calves also need time to develop good, consistent eating habits. Once you have feed figured out, it’s time to master the High Octane® supplements.

Chicken Treats: Are They Good for My Laying Hens?

Sep 05, 2019

Chicken treats including scraps, scratch grains and mealworms are like candy and are not good for hens when fed in excess. Keep treats to 10% of the hen’s diet so treats don’t dilute the complete nutrition of their layer feed. Another alternative is to offer hens healthy, wholesome chicken treats, which don’t spoil diets like other treat options. 

Sow Nutrition Can Reduce Heat Stress

Aug 29, 2019

Body temperature regulation kicks in, pulling a sow’s energy away from body condition maintenance and milk production. At the same time, feed intake typically drops, which causes a sow’s body to prioritize lactation over body condition maintenance. The combined result? Sows can lose condition quickly, putting them at risk for slow breed back and inhibiting future performance.

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