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Loehr Farms, LLC

Jun 22, 2018

He was born into a farming family.
He was raised on a farm all of his life and loved it.
He didn’t see a reason to do anything else.
He is Ron Loehr and
he is a Farmer!

Loehr Farms, LLC, is in Eden, Wisconsin. It is a Dairy Operation, but Ron said they also have been “dabbling” into trucking and they raise feeder beef. He runs the farm along with his wife, Mary. They have three sons that have joined them in their operation. Ryan, Eric and Steve represent the 6th generation of their family to get into the farming business.

Deciding on a career in agriculture has been a rewarding choice for Ron. He enjoys being his own boss, working with his family and getting to be a farmer. “I think the most important benefit of our operation is that I get to work with my wife and kids,” Ron said. “Every once in a while, working with family can get a bit challenging, but most days are great.”

Tractor pulling is a hobby that Ron enjoys. He loves farming so much that even his hobby involves farm equipment. The Loehrs are members of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Mt. Calvary, Wisconsin.

Thank you to Ron for being our Farmer Friday this week. Your appreciation for your family and farming is inspired by your love for what you do. We wish a successful future for you, your family and the Loehr Farm operation!

#FarmerFriday #77. To show our appreciation to our producer members Country Visions Cooperative will be giving a snapshot look of our customers and their operations in this feature each Friday

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