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Casey Hochkammer

May 05, 2017

Casey Hochkammer’s work ethic comes from growing up on a family farm. Learning the importance of hard work, having responsibilities and enjoying what you do are all lessons he is now passing on to his family.

Casey and his wife, Sara, his parents, Tom and Ann, along with Cory and Kim Krueger are partners in Hochkammer Dairy LLC. This Manitowoc County Dairy and Grain operation has included 6 generations of the Hochkammer family. Casey is happy with his decision to choose farming as his career and be a part of the family tradition. He said, “I grew up with it, enjoyed it and wanted to continue working with the animals.”

Support for youth baseball and softball leagues in the town of Newton community where he lives has always been strong. Casey appreciates that he can adjust his schedule on the farm to stay actively involved with those leagues. His passion for the sport may have spilled over into his favorite part of his job, which is working with the animals. Hochkammer Dairy has a unique aspect with a split herd of cattle. Half of them are Jerseys and the other half are Holsteins. Could it be Team Jersey vs. Team Holstein?

Thank you, Casey, for being our “Farmer Friday” participant this week. We are grateful for your business with Country Visions and appreciate what you do.

Farmer #18. To show our appreciation to our producer members, Country Visions Cooperative will be giving a snapshot look of our customers and their operations in this feature each Friday.

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