We Still Have Chicks!

April 25, 2018

Even though Chick Days are over, did you know that you still can order chicks through Country Visions Cooperative? We offer a wide variety of breeds and species (we even have ducks)! How can you order chicks? Easy. Call either Sarah Breuer, our lifestyle feed specialist, at 920-418-2173 or one of Country Store locations. It takes on average about 2 weeks for the chicks to come in. You are able to get anything you might need to take care of your chickens - from feed to shavings and any other supplies that you might need to raise your chicken. If you are interested in starting your flock, call today!

Note: Everything in the picture was purchased through Country Visions Cooperative. The Chicks, Feeders, Waterers, Shavings, Electrolytes, Heat Lamp, Heat Bulb and Purina Chicken Feed.