Food Plot Early Thoughts 

April 30


Have big bucks on your mind? Are you considering putting in a food plot? Here are some things you may want to think of beforehand.
How big do you want this food plot to be?
The standard rule is to allow ¼ to ½ acre per food plot in multiple areas. Having a number of small plots are generally more successful rather than just one or two large plots. The deer are more likely to use food plots during the day if plots are smaller and have a surrounding of thick cover. When you are thinking of placement of these plots, they need at least four to five hours of good sunlight per day.
Another thing to being considering is the health of your soil. What is the pH? Does the soil have the right amount of fertility?
How do we find this out? By taking a soil sample. The best time to take a soil sample is in the fall and again in early spring, before the previous residue starts to breakdown. This should be done every two to three years. Take the soil from the top 3 to 5 inches. We do offer soil sampling analysis at all of our Country Visions Cooperative Agronomy  and Country Stores locations.
When you get the soil sample back, you can take it to one of our locations to help you interpret what you will need (what type and how much fertilizer). Taking care of the soil is one of the most important steps that you will take. This is the make it or break it step for your food plot.
If managed well, the food plot will be a great source of high-quality feed for deer as well as cover for other wildlife. If not managed well, the food plot will become nothing more than an overgrazed weed patch. Weeds do not provide good nutritional value to the deer.

Have any questions? We have the knowledge! Give us a call today!
Just a heads up... Country Visions will be hosting “Brag About Your Tag,” a live food plot event at our Plymouth Location on July 11. Make sure you save the date and are watching for more information to come as limited spots will be available!