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Strategies for Success: Chemicals

Dec 01, 2021

 Supply chain challenges for 2022 are real.  Last season one to two products became more and more difficult to resupply. This year we are finding that many products could fall into this challenge. Country Visions worked hard in 2021 to stay ahead of the challenge by bringing in products much earlier to cover needs.  For 2022, we are using a similar approach; however, many things are not shipping as soon as they had last year.  We continue to build supplies as they come available, while trying to anticipate client’s needs 6-10 months. Our staff has regularly been told to have back up plans for weed control in the event supplies tighten and resupply is in question.  Soil applied products currently have the least challenge while post-emerge products continue to be more questionable.  The use of full rates on the soil will be a good approach this year. 

Generics is another product line that is tighter.  Country Visions’ alignment with main stream brands appears to be putting us in a good position for the 2022 season. 

 A strategy of success for both the coop and the grower will be communicate well in advance what it is you need and when you will need it.  We face challenges every year.  This is just another one to work through.  We are problems solvers and have been for decades.  Lastly, I will add, extra patience will go a long way as CVC will work to create solutions. Thank you in advance for putting your trust in us to help.

Mike Kuffel  CPAg, CCA
Chemical Lead for CVC.

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