No Yield Monitor? No Problem!

The biggest advancement in Precision Ag this year is that we can now make yield maps for any field based on satellite imagery! This opens up opportunities for everyone to see how their fields are actually performing and help determine limiting factors in the underperforming areas. These maps also will let us replace nutrients based on harvested yield, and create VR seeding maps for next year.  

Don’t have a yield monitor on the combine for corn, beans, or wheat? We can build a map for that!
Want yield maps for your corn silage and alfalfa acres? We can build maps for that too!
We have two programs capable of this; the R7 Tool and Climate FieldView. All we have to do is choose a representative satellite image and enter the actual weight & moisture of the harvested crop. The programs will do the rest by distributing the yield across the field based on the biomass from the satellite image.

Precision Ag isn’t just for those with the equipment any more, it’s available for anyone who wants to do better with what they already have. Ask your agronomist about enrolling in R7 Tool or Climate FieldView to unlock the potential of your fields today!