Is Creeping Charlie Creeping In on Your Lawn?

Is your lawn full of yellow and purple flowers right now?  While some people welcome the colors the presence of Creeping Charlie (ground ivy) and dandelions drives others crazy.  While fall is the best time to control these weeds (don’t worry, we’ll remind you) spring applications may be necessary if you have heavy weed infestations.

Not just any broadleaf herbicide will work; for Creeping Charlie you need one with Dicamba.  We recommend applying Mec Amine D when those purple flowers appear in the spring.  You want to wait until three days after mowing to apply the herbicide and then wait another three days before you mow again.  This will allow for adequate surface area for the weed to absorb the herbicide then allow time for the herbicide to work through the plant’s system.  This should result in a twisted, dead weed.  Just the way we like them.
We also have pull behind lawn sprayers for rent if you need to use one. Give us a call and we can help you out!