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Complete the form below to enter for a chance to win the FREE 200 gallons of Propane for the 2021-2022 heating season! Please note: Winner must own their tank, lease a tank from Country Visions, or switch to Country Visions as their supplier for the upcoming season. We are unable to fill a tank owned by another supplier, so any winner who leases their tank from another supplier, would need to switch their service to Country Visions to receive the 200 gallons. A safety and compliance test will need to be performed before filling any tank that we are not currently servicing. Owner is responsible for any and all updates or maintenance that may need to be performed to their propane system. Offer Valid only on tanks 250 gallons or larger. Entries accepted 6-26-21 thru 7-2-21. Winner will be selected from all entries by a random draw on 7-6-21 and announced on our Facebook page in the following days.  

Thank you and Good Luck! 

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