Schraufnagel Farms, LLC

Dull, repetitive, lack of variety are NOT words used to describe life on a farm and that is why Aaron Schraufnagel knew that it was the perfect job for him. He and his wife, Jeana, are co-owners in Schraufnagel Farms LLC, with Aaron’s parents, Andy and Bonnie and Aaron’s brother, Andy and Cindy. The farm is a Dairy operation and they do some cash crop. It is located in Brownsville, Wisconsin.

Getting to do different things every day and having a change of scenery is what made farming appealing to Aaron, but an important constant in this operation is his family. Schraufnagel Farms, LLC is a family run business. “We all have our part and each of us knows what we have to do,” Aaron said. “We all get along pretty good. We joke around a lot.” To be successful, Aaron said it is important to work together and be considerate of the feelings of others. That is also a great example to set for Aaron’s boys, Keegan (9) and Levi (4), who would be the 4th generation members of the farm.

“Pride comes from knowing that you are a part of feeding the world,” according to Aaron. “Somebody has to feed the people and we, as farmers, are getting to be a minority. The number of farming operations keeps getting less.” The family does the work on the farm themselves for the most part, but some of their help comes from a unique source… robots! They are using a robotic milking system on their farm. The efficiencies of that type of system hopefully result in having some free time for Aaron to go deer hunting and ice fishing. They belong to St. Luke’s Church in Knowles. He also has those boys that keep him busy. Aaron shared that Keegan is always trying to invent something. They already have robots, so what other exciting inventions will we see here in the future?

Thank you to Aaron for telling us his story for our Farmer Friday post this week. We appreciate your patronage and extend our best wishes for success to you, your family and your operation. Keep up the great work!

#FarmerFriday #64. To show our appreciation to our producer members Country Visions Cooperative will be giving a snapshot look of our customers and their operations in this feature each Friday