Irish Acres, LLC.

Brent Sinkula is the operator of Irish Acres, LLC in Two Rivers, Wisconsin which is a Manitowoc County community. Living a half mile off Lake Michigan has made things interesting for this dairy farmer. “It is so much colder in the spring,” he said. The weather conditions near the lake can be a challenge, but that is also what keeps Brent eager for each new day on the farm. “It’s what I have done my whole life and I love the uniqueness of what every day brings,” he said. “While it can be challenging, it is always interesting. Just the thought of doing a monotonous job day in, day out never appealed to me at all.”

The farming operation has some cash crops, but the focus is on Dairy at Irish Acres, LLC. Brent has always enjoyed working with animals and besides his fondness for a good challenge, it was one of the factors that lead to his decision to become a farmer. He says his favorite part of his job is definitely being around the maternity area helping to take care of the fresh cows and newborn calves.

Ervin and Cheryl Sinkula have retired from operating the farm, but occasionally help out their son. Brent has a lot of respect for his parents and the opportunity they gave him to grow up on the farm. Working together with his parents has brought a unique family dynamic; it has forced them to have excellent communication in the family. “If there is a problem, you have to address it,” Brent advised. “You can’t run away from it.” 

Brent has been a Manitowoc County Farm Bureau Board Member since 1996 currently serving as the Vice President. He participated in their Discussion Meet competitions as a young member having the chance to demonstrate speaking and problem-solving skills on agricultural-related topics. He is a member of the Two Creeks Fire Department and a Lector at his church- St. Isadore the Farmer Parish in Tisch Mills. He enjoys sports and loves going to watch them with the kids. Other than that, when there is downtime on the farm, Brent’s intent is to find ways to relax.

Thank you to Brent for this week’s Farmer Friday story. We wish our best to you and your operation for continued success as you take on your challenges!

Farmer #57. To show our appreciation to our producer members, Country Visions Cooperative will be giving a snapshot look of our customers and their operations in this feature each Friday.