When you start making plans for a deer mineral site, create a year-round plan. 

Why have a year-round plan for your deer mineral site?

Spring is a good time for mineral supplement. Bucks antlers are growing.  They need calcium and phosphorus to help make their antlers hard and it will help with growth.

Spring into early summer, calcium and phosphorus are needed by female deer for better-quality milk production in lactating does.  The minerals also improve bone growth for their fawns.

Late fall into early winter, bucks are wearing down because of the rut.  They may be eating less during the rut season, but still require nourishment. Calcium and phosphorus provided by mineral supplements along with salt, are needed by the bucks.

Maintaining the deer mineral site.    
Keep the site clean and stocked. If the site is empty, deer will eat the soil trying to get any traces of mineral out of it.

Minerals are available in bags, blocks, and pails or you can make your own.  If you make your own blend, it is advised to keep salt down to a minimum. Salt will attract the deer, but it can fill them up with little benefit for their growth or nourishment.

It is also important to check local and state laws for the area that you own or hunt before supplementing wildlife.
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