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"Brag About Your Tag" Live Deer Plot Has Been Planted

Jun 12, 2018

On Friday, June 1st the ground dried up enough that we were able to work it up the evening before and finally get the deer plot seed in the ground! Our De Pere Country Store rents-out Brillion planters, so we made the trek up there to pick it up and planted that afternoon. We planted six different plot mixes to showcase on a few acres. It is incredible how many rocks were out there to pick, so the Fond du Lac Agronomy intern came out to help with this task and did a wonderful job!
We will be putting up trail cameras and monitoring the deer activity throughout the summer. Are you interested in attending an educational event to learn more about food plots? It will be July 11thnext to the Plymouth Agronomy facility starting at 6 pm. To learn more about this free event and get registered for your spot Click HERE  to get started! See you there!

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