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Discover The Hidden Hunger

Jun 25, 2018

Discover the Hidden Hunger

Wouldn’t it be great if plants could tell us exactly what they needed for top performance? Unfortunately, diagnosing crop problems isn’t always easy, but in season tissue sampling can give you insight into what plants actually need.
Tissue sampling provides a nutritional profile that can show hidden hungers in plants even before they are visible. Ultimately, this information can help guide fertilizer programs, but the greatest value comes when real-time nutrient corrections can be made in-season to preserve yield. It also can help to stretch your dollar—allowing you to maximize your application.
Timely sampling allows for action. Consider sampling after the crop is well-established, generally after the V3 stage for corn and soybeans. Sampling should continue throughout the season, especially ahead of key growth stages, to learn how crops are using nutrients as they grow and develop. Staying ahead of deficiencies allows for in-season fertilizer adjustments to avoid yield loss.
Quality samples yield quality data. The tissue sampling data you receive from the lab is only as good as the sample you submit. Use the correct sampling procedure based on crop and growth stage. Your agronomist can provide specific guidance on when and how to tissue sample for best results. Choose random, healthy plant tissue (about the size of a softball) from throughout the field. One sample per 25 to 50 acres will help account for field variability and give more comprehensive results. Ship samples in a timely manner to avoid tissue deterioration before analysis.

Work with your Country Visions Cooperative Agronomist to come up with a tissue sampling and application program that is right for your acres.

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