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DTN Midday Livestock Comments 03/15 12:11

3/15/2019 - 12:43:00

DTN Midday Livestock Comments          03/15 12:11

   Livestock Futures Jump 

   Cattle futures extended gains today on spillover trading from hogs. 
Triple-digit gains in the cattle complex pushed live cattle to new contract 
highs. Feeder cattle moved to the highest level since early November, but have 
not been able to retain those levels. Hogs are on a roll with limit gains early 
with some remaining there and some trimming back limit gains.  

By Robin Schmahl
DTN Contributing Analyst

General Comments


   Sharp gains in the cattle complex put the bearishness of the steep sell-off 
to rest. New contract highs have been established on the move today in June and 
later contracts. Front-month April has not been as fortunate as it needs to 
remain close to cash. Optimism has returned with some of that optimism the 
result of spill-over from the lean hog complex. Cash cattle business is going 
down to the wire, but still expected to be no better than last week and likely 
$1.00 lower. Boxed beef cut-outs at midday are mixed with choice down $0.40 and 
a cut-out value of $227.84 with select down $0.03 and a value of $219.25. 
Movement is light with 62 loads reported (35 loads of choice cuts. 9 loads of 
select cuts, 7 loads of trimmings, and 11 loads of ground beef. Cattle 
slaughter projected to be 111,000 head. 


   Feeders are the recipients of strong live cattle futures. Futures pushed to 
the highest levels since November 5, 2018, but have not been able to remain 
there. However, triple-digit gains remain with the potential to reach back near 
those highs. April futures post the greatest gain with an increase of $2.32. 
With live cattle posting new contract highs further support should remain in 
this market. 


   A report release yesterday confirming a large purchase of pork by China has 
the market in a frenzy. Rumer have finally become a fact with the anticipation 
of more purchases to come. This send futures limit up where they remain much of 
the day so far. Some contracts have come off of limit as some profit taking is 
being done for the weekend. Cash prices are $1.09 higher on the National Daily 
Direct morning report. The weighted average price in $51.53 with a range of 
$46.00 to $54.00 on 7,244 head reported sold. The National Pork Plant report 
showed 179 loads selling with 165 loads of cuts and 14 loads of trim/process. 
Carcass values gained $0.72 per cwt at $68.57. Hogs slaughter expected to total 
453,000 head. The lean hog index for 3/13 is $54.13, up $1.00 with the 
projected two-day index at $55.40, up $1.27. 

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