Products and Services

Seed Solutions

It all begins with a seed. Country Visions Cooperative partners with both regional and national seed brands to bring the solutions you need to start your crop year out sucessfullly. We offer seed solutions for corn, soybeans, alfalfa, small grains, cover crops. lawn seeds, and deer plots. We custom treat soybeans and wheat seed with innoculants, fungicides, insecticides, Ascend® plant growth regulator, and Avipel®.

Seed Solutions Brands

Precision Technology

Precision Technology is the future. At Country Visions Cooperative, we have invested in your future by partnering with precision technology brands. Precision techology is more than apps and monitors, it is a tool to provide you with more information about your crops than ever before. Will this information in hand and a team of precision specialists and agronomists to assist, you can make smart, data driven decisions for your farm. 

Precision Technology Brands

Fertility Solutions

The fertility of your soil can make or break your growing season. Applying fertilizers won't break your bank and it will give your plants the nutrients they need, as well as return nutrients back to the soil. Country Visions Cooperative offers bulk and bagged blends, liquid blends, pelletized cal-sul & lime, and stabilizers. We also believe in nutrient managment and taking care of the soil, so we offer grid sampling, soil sampling and can create variable rate fertilizer maps. If you need a little extra help, we also offer custom variable rate application, siddressing, and N, P, K & Lime. 

Fertility Solutions Brands

Crop Protection

There are multiple outside factors that can influence the health and growth of your plants. Protect your crop against factors such as insects, disease, weeds, and extreme weather. Country Visions Cooperative offers crop scouting, custom application, customized crop plans, and crop protection products. We believe that part of setting you up for sucess is to have a good crop protection plan before disaster strikes. Our agronomists will work with you to develop a cost effective, efficient plan to protect your crop.